Cantine di Ora, “Amicone”


COLOR: Wine sparkling straw-yellow color.

TASTE: The wine has a pleasant dry taste that reflects the characteristic fruity notes.

AROMA: The fresh aroma of the wine is filled with fruity notes.

GASTRONOMY: Wine is a good aperitif and goes well with light appetizers and seafood. It can be used for cocktails (mostly Bellini).

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INTERESTING FACTS: “Rivani” Prosecco DOC – sparkling dry wine, suitable for any occasion – both for the festive dinner, as well as for everyday meals. Produced beverage reservoir method, when both the primary and secondary flows in wine fermentation tanks.
Prosecco wines have a rich aroma and elegant, light and fresh taste. Recently, Prosecco is gaining increasingly popular as an alternative to French champagne, while delivering a more affordable price. Prosecco is also known as the main ingredient of the cocktail Bellini, which in tandem with sparkling wine and peach puree acts.

Color depth: Dark
Body/Saturation: Average
Serving temperature: 14–16°С

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Weight 1.00 oz
Dimensions 12 x 12 x 30 cm


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